Our process

Pixel Cúbico’s work process involves taking inputs from clients at every stage and bringing forth a commendable piece of work. From creative sessions to production and understanding of your brand’s image and personality, our work methodology is highly organized and straightforward. We encourage client’s involvement therefore feel free to share your ideas with us. We believe that a successful project requires camaraderie between client and animators. Most of our new clients come back with more projects because we follow this method. 

Our designed animations, videos and logos are completely in-sync with your business ideology and brand image. Virtual reality and real-time environments are developed using latest technology, advanced tools and professionally viable ways. Newest 3D software is used for production and post-production. Our priority is to ensure use of high production values to create quality work. Our render machines are located in Bogotá but we can work anywhere through digital mediums. Our main focus is upon product rendering and animation. As freelance animators, digital artists and videographers, we are able to take inspirations from diverse cultures. This approach helps in enhancing our creative skills. We have a network of animators and artists around the world who help in achieving our objectives.
In this era of digital dominance it is necessary to ensure access to customers across the globe and equally important is to be capable of satisfying clients from different regions. Not many companies can fulfill this mandatory requirement but we at Pixel Cúbico can. We promise you that our work will be according to your needs and demands.

Although we work as freelancers but we have adopted multidimensional business model where we do not restrict our team geographically. We have always followed a holistic and universal approach in this context as we seek services of expert animators and specialists from different parts of the world. Through creating a co-working environment and without limiting our services to a particular city or country, we are able to fully benefit from our knowledge and expertise. Our freelancing business policy also favors our clients because it allows them freedom of choice. We are passionate about our work. We give our best to the client regardless of the project’s complexity. Our freelance, co-working environment guarantees remarkable work quality because of the involvement of creative geniuses from various cultures. We are able to work on innovative ideas and receive inspiration for optimal creativity. 

Pixel Cúbico promises excellence in every domain from customer service to project management and pricing. We guarantee competitive rates to our clients solely because we want to make quality 3D animation and virtual reality related projects affordable to business owners around the world.