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Pixel Cúbico is your one-stop platform for availing wide range of 2D and 3D animation services.

3D Video Production

and Compositing

Animated videos are very productive if you want to explain your brand/business/organizational philosophy to the audience. We create animated videos for educators, marketing specialists; small to medium sized businesses and startups, etc. We help you boost your business’s presence on the internet particularly social media. 

Our services

Since the inception of Pixel Cúbico, our team has managed to deliver world-class animation service and we endorse relentless quest for embedding newest advances in digital media and marketing domain. You can expect wholehearted cooperation from our team in every related aspect from concept development to product rendering and editing.

2D Animation

Our team has immense experience in 2D animation and we have already done projects like e-learning courses, games, product demos, website banners, simulations, corporate presentations and animated logos. 

3D Animation

The process of 3D animation is stated by using polygons for creating figures and then digital armatures help in bringing those figures to life. You can trust our expertise in 3D animation.

Fluid and Dynamic

Our team is apt at generation of liquids while a majority of animators lack the proficiency in this particular aspect because fluids are difficult to fake. 

Logo Animation

This is the digital age and every business needs to devise innovative ways to attract its target audience. Logo animation is something that would never lose its spark.


 Your ideas and products will be presented in a visually appealing manner. Expect your video to be artistic with swift turn-around.

Virtual Reality

For your brand, a commendable VR experience is important as it significantly enhances your brand/organization’s presence at any platform.

Competitive Pricing

of video production

We offer competitive pricing and highly reliable project managers to fulfill your task. No matter where in the world are you located, we will make it extremely easier for you to get your project completed on time without any delays and inhibitions. 

What we do

Pixel Cúbico represents a team of freelance 2D/3D animators, artists,  based in Bogotá. We offer state-of-the-art animation services across the globe. Since 2014 we have worked with clients from diverse culture and countries and developed network of designers at a global level. Both within and outside Europe we have built a reputation of trust and reliability over the years. 

Our team of professional animators and designers are constantly keeping themselves updated with latest trends in the digital world for providing greatest 3D visuals. Our created visuals will surely be the exact replica of what clients have in mind.

  • Product Rendering
  • Video Editing
  • Video Lyrics
  • Green Screen Remove

We Work as Freelancers 

We have adopted multidimensional business model where we do not restrict our team geographically.