Pixel Cúbico is full-fledge group of designers offering 2D and 3D animation services. Ours is an ever-growing animation and production group that delivers top-quality visuals and high definition videos. Considering the complexities surrounding digital media and ever-changing trends in this field, our team always comes up with innovative and unique ideas. Our brand is a one-stop-shop for animations as we offer excellent package within your budget. 



Clients from European region and other parts of the world can avail our services without any doubt as our experience and credibility is proven by our previous projects. Technical viability and creativity is our guarantee. We work day and night to provide our clients the best possible customer service and apt performance. Our work is up-to-the-mark and according to your requirements.  


and Co-working

Our render machines are located in Bogotá-Colombia but we can work anywhere through digital mediums. Our main focus is upon product rendering and animation. As freelance animators, artists and videographers, we are able to take inspirations from diverse cultures. This approach helps in enhancing our creative skills. We have a network of animators and artists around the world who help in achieving our objectives.

What we Offer?

We offer you credible animation and brand marketing services through a team of qualified and talented professional, designers, developers and artists. Our team possesses exemplary record in terms of project development and resulting product.

2D Animation

Our team has immense experience in 2D animation and we have already done projects like e-learning courses, product demos, website banners, corporate presentations and animated logos. Our animators use computer adaptations of conventional animation techniques. 2D vector and bitmap graphics are created initially and animated later. 

3D Animation

and visual effects

The process of 3D animation is stated by using polygons for creating figures and then digital armatures help in bringing those figures to life. You can trust our expertise in 3D animation. We breathe life into all kinds of characters and environments for websites, television/film, games and product demos. 

3D Fluids

and Dynamics

We create highly realistic and controlled fluids and particles. Our team is apt at generation of liquids while a majority of animators lack the proficiency in this particular aspect because fluids are difficult to fake. We use close-up streams and splashes combined with millions of particles to provide realistic visuals. 

Logos Animation

Would you not like your company’s logo to spin, fly or form a series of particles before returning to its original form? You definitely would. This is the digital age and every business needs to devise innovative ways to attract its target audience. Logo animation is something that would never lose its spark. We offer 2D and 3D logo animation to film companies, corporate enterprises, business owners and social media platforms.


motion graphics

Full range of video services is offered to ensure maximum exposure for your company. We convey your message effectively through an interesting story and brilliant execution. Your ideas and products will be presented in a visually appealing manner. Expect your video to be artistic with swift turn-around.

Virtual Reality 

and 360 videos

VR is growing rapidly and VR content is very popular within the top brands around the world. For your brand, a commendable VR experience is important as it significantly enhances your brand/organization’s presence at any platform. We create the background story for the VR experience and produce it completely providing necessary gear to complete the experience.


at its Best

We tend to create a balance between technology and art so that remarkable results are achieved and clients are satisfied. No matter which country, culture and creative domain you belong to, we are willing to take your project to completion with aplomb.

We are passionate about our work. We give our best to the client regardless of the project’s complexity. Our freelance, co-working environment guarantees remarkable work quality because of the involvement of creative geniuses from various cultures.

- Juan Pablo Gómez, the founder

Latest news


3D Animation

15 may, 2021

3d  animation for one of our clients.


Keno Vipe 


25 april, 2021

Was a pleasure for us to work with "Keno"  doing some renders to show part of their technology. 

Our Specialty

Attention to detail is our specialty! 

We create effects that come across as natural, believable and appealing. From milk to chocolate and fine particles we create everything just like real without compromising on designing and creativity. Our designed logos, animations and videos are completely in-sync with your business ideology and brand image. 

Additional services

  • Product Rendering

  • Video Editing

  • Video Lyrics

  • Green Screen Remove

Our Team

Pixel Cúbico

Pixel Cúbico’s team, is dedicated, experienced and efficient. We are counted among the best 3D freelancers in Bogotá and have successfully completed a wide range of diverse projects for clients from different fields. By providing freelance services globally, we are able to explore and learn new concepts, ideas and make our work highly versatile. 3D animation is all about being creative and being global make it easier for us to provide remarkable content.